Sector: Smart Home Security

Boundary is a wireless burglar alarm and Smart Home security system designed in the UK by restless minds on a mission to safely outsmart crime. Boundary is a completely customisable alarm system, you can either design your system from scratch, shop one of our pre-built smart home security bundles or find individual products from sirens to fobs available.

Why signing up to Pride 365 is important to us?

Boundary was created with a simple mission; to protect as many homes in the UK as possible and outsmart crime. We have created the most robust UK-designed system available and priced our systems to make them available to all. We take huge pride in the level of customer support we are able to provide and have many positive comments sent to us on a daily basis on how well and quickly we have answered general queries or technical tasks.

The tone of voice was a priority for us from the beginning and we will always be transparent with all customers. Part of the tone of voice project was to ensure whenever we communicate internally and externally we are always inclusive, as that type of environment is a huge part of what we stand for.

That’s why we’re making a pledge to Pride 365 to ensure that everyone feels welcome and valued at Boundary, not just for a day, a week, or month, but all year round. We will be public and open in our support for the LGBTQ+ community and hope that through our support to both Pride 365 and the AKT charity, that everyone will feel, and more importantly, be equal at Boundary 365 days a year.

How does the Pride 365 pledge fit in with your values?

Because of our complex global manufacturing and supply process, Boundary is diverse by nature, but we are inclusive by choice.  Through inclusion, we strive to create a sense of belonging for all. Our definition of diversity and inclusion is rooted in three important pillars:

  • DIVERSITY: The appreciation of our unique differences seen and unseen.
  • INCLUSION: The act of leveraging differences to foster innovation by creating a culture where we are all seen, heard, valued, and respected.
  • BELONGING: The feeling of trust and acceptance, where we feel safe being our authentic selves.

Our strategy is to leverage and promote diversity and inclusion through a framework of Culture, and Talent initiatives to foster innovation and create a scalable competitive business.

Our Pledge 

We pledge to play our part in improving inclusivity in the workplace and society and be instrumental in bringing about an end to the corporate appropriation of the LGBT+ community (pink-washing) to help create a world of inclusion for all.

We have made the following commitments:

Commitment 1

We will be public and open in support of LGBT+ inclusion 365 days a year by promoting our partnership with Pride 365.  We will apply the Pride 365 designation across company websites, social media, corporate communications, and public relations activity. We will do this 365 days a year and not just during Pride season.

Commitment 2

We will support the work of the AKT charity via a series of donations calibrated through a dedicated profit structure across our products/services.  This will demonstrate our ongoing commitment to provide safe homes and better futures for LGBT+ young people.

Commitment 3

  • Issue press releases to support the partnership with Pride 365; raise awareness for the work of nominated charities, and promote inclusivity in the workplace and society.
  • Conduct interviews with the CEO and senior leadership detailing the importance of, and commitment to the Pledge and the partnership. “What is Pride 365 to you?”
  • Release a CEO statement expressing commitment to inclusion and the partnership with Pride 365.
  • Implement and modify policies so that they are LGBT+ aware and inclusive. 

We pledge that these commitments will be carried out by December 31, 2022