About Pride 365

“True inclusion all year round.”

Why Pride 365

Who We Are

Pride 365 was launched in 2019 at World Pride 50th anniversary in New York with the mission to make the world a more Inclusive place. They are the global partners of InterPride.

Pride 365 empower organisations to become catalysts for positive and inclusive change by putting a focus on real, actionable and incremental improvement. Their purpose is to make positive change not simply a moral imperative but something that makes financial and performance sense for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Authenticity means supporting the LGBT+ community 365 days a year not just during Pride season. Pride 365 stands against pinkwashing, and with the help of our Champions, Partners and InterPride, shine a light on what true inclusion looks like all year round.
Pride 365 works internationally to break down barriers between people, helping to improve inclusion at a fundamental level.

Our Vision

Pride 365 is dedicated to the belief that inclusion is an integral part of the fabric of society.

From a starting point of recognising the importance of safe and welcoming spaces where visibility and solidarity walks hand in hand for all people for generations to come, we must also believe that there is an endpoint. A tangible eventuality when attitudes will fundamentally change and the fight for inclusion will have been won.

The pathway toward this goal is not paved in gold but rather incremental, genuine, authentic, dedicated work at all levels of society, business and organisations, where accepting hearts and minds are no longer spoken about as a lofty goal but rather a given.

Pride 365 will adapt its role to the most appropriate for the times and place, including one of less visible support and monitoring when our goals for the LGBT+ community have been clearly achieved.