Community Heroes

Pride 365 is committed to ending pink-washing and we need your help! Show the world that heroes exist every day and Pride should be more than promoting rainbows during pride month. True inclusion means supporting LGBTQ+ every day of the year!

Do you have what it takes to be a Community Hero?

Community heroes live authentically and are proud to be LGBTQ+ or an ally all 365 days a year!

Pride 365 Community Heroes are individuals who lives as their authentic self every day of the year and take action to demonstrate their pride in ways that go beyond just displaying the rainbow. 

Some of the characteristics of a community hero include:

  • Volunteer in the LGBTQ+ community
  • Have faced adversity because of their LGBTQ+ or ally identity and have taken formal action to fight back against discrimination
  • Speak out at community events, in coalitions, or have rallied for LGBTQ+ causes
  • Support local LGBTQ+ youth through mentorship or a variety of other ways
  • Have taken authentic action to stand out and be proud of who you are as a member of the
  • LGBTQ+ community or ally

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or you are an ally, anyone can be an everyday community Pride 365 Hero!
Show the world what it means to be authentic 365 days a year by sending us your pictures, videos, and stories and we will spotlight you in Pride 365’s media! By showing the world what it means to be a hero, heroes help Pride 365 strengthen our pursuit to end pink-washing and ensure that LGBTQ+ people are included every day of the year. We thank you for your contribution!

Most recent Heroes


Reshma Anil Kumar

I am pansexual and demisexual and I use the pronouns they/them. I'm a transmasculine non-binary individual and recently I came out on YouTube. It wasn't an easy decision to come out so publicly but since coming out, I have been putting out videos to create awareness on the queer community and related matters. A main tactic I use through these videos is personal storytelling. Through this, I make it my goal to inspire people to share their own stories and build bridges to connect people to one another, no matter their differences.


Cindi Grace Miller

I am a woman of trans experience who is also a therapist and coach to the transgender community. I am the first therapist, who also transitioned, to write a step by step book that guides someone through the process of transition. My book isn't just from a professional viewpoint but from someone who has walked the walk herself and with many others. I also recently launched the world's first ever avatar based virtual world just for people of trans experience. The point is to create a safe place for people to be educated and learn how to transition with excellence. In addition, I also work closely with local PFLAG groups and hello the CIS community understand what gender truly is and how to be a great ally. I understand what it is to live a life of challenge and success. I have been through multiple major life transitions, including transgender transition and career transition. I know and understand what it is to live with gender dysphoria and try to make life work while living an inauthentic version of oneself. In addition to my own personal challenges I have a child with autism and one who is also transgender. I understand what transition looks like from all angles and seek to help others retrain their brains for a successful transition. I have a Masters in Counseling and Psychology as well as a Master of Divinity and Theology. In my past life I have worked in churches as an ordained minister, I has been a licensed mental health therapist, I am a trained transition coach, and have built a very successful insurance business. I have learned how to fail and how to succeed, and i work to help others in my community learn the same thing.