How the
Certification is Used

Pride 365 Certification identifies quickly and easily that an organisation is truly committed to inclusion and making positive steps towards being authentic every day.

In this way the Pride 365 Certification logo is used in a variety of ways by organisations that have proven they are willing to practice what they preach.

The more often we see the rainbow flag throughout the year the better. Pride should be 365.

Recruitment and Retention

The Great Resignation saw almost 40% of staff rethinking their careers and wishing to move on from their jobs. This caused considerable difficulty and pain for Organisations hoping to hold on to their staff or recruit more.

Pride 365 Partners will use the Pride 365 logo on their job’s boards and in internal HR meetings to demonstrate that they put inclusion at the front of their agenda. This means that when a prospective hire finds your organisation they are more likely to get involved and be enthusiastic since you stand for inclusion. And your own staff know that you are committed to making their lives better and truly part of the team.

Nissan GB using the Pride 365 logo during an Interview with their Managing Director Andrew Humberstone.

Utilita using the Pride 365 logo on their jobs boards.


Customers are far more likely to purchase from companies that they feel are representative of them. Purchasers are becoming increasingly promiscuous and concerned with who they buy from and whether that company’s values align with their own.

The Pride 365 Certification is an easily identifiable stamp demonstrating that a company’s products and services can be bought with confidence.

Hilton using the Certification logo as part of their Newsletter Campaign


EasyGuide using the Pride 365 Certification on their tv ads.


One of the integral parts of the pride 365 pledge is to fly the rainbow colours all year round. This is the antithesis of throwing up some colours for Pride season and means that representation is for all to see whenever they need to see it.

Net Gaming using the Pride 365 logo in their footer.

Hilton using the Pride 365 Certification logo on their explore website.