Since 1982, Interpride have stood for social, political and economic equality. They are the international organization that tie Prides together globally. Members of their organization are dedicated volunteers who organize and work to put on Pride events all over the world. Interpride are also the rights holders for World Pride in the same way the IOC are for the Olympic games.

InterPride has three main goals

To increasing awareness of Pride
Increasing the awareness of Pride as a tool to support LGBT+ rights and support Pride organizers in achieving and retaining impact on Human Rights.
To pursue and safeguard the right to assembly
Pursuing and safeguarding the right to assembly, the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression as essential rights for visible and safe Pride events.
To show solidarity
Showing solidarity and to organise campaigns for those in hostile environments or suffering from Human Rights violations in the context of Pride.
Solidarity Fund

InterPride’s Solidarity Fund provides financial assistance to LGBT+ organizations which are trying to positively influence the situation of the LGBT+ community in their respective local communities, organizers of Prides in hostile environments without government back-up and Pride organizers in economically weak countries. More specifically InterPride focuses on ideas and proposals that contribute to the increased visibility of the LGBT+ community or are related to the Pride movement.

Pride 365 are committed to raising funds and awareness for this essential work.