Pride 365
It’s time to embrace inclusivity and bring an end to corporate pinkwashing.

Pride 365 is a global partner of InterPride. We believe that the LGBTQ+ community deserves to be supported all year round not only during Pride season. Pride 365 chose its name to symbolise this mission.

Pride 365 works with businesses that are committed to making the lives of the LGBT+ community better both within their own businesses and in wider society.

Changing the world, one Pride at a time.

Pride in most of the world is an experience of fun and joy.

Our partners are judged on their authenticity and commitment to continuous incremental improvement year on year. If we are to have a world of genuine progress towards inclusivity and equality of opportunity for the community we help serve, we need to ensure genuine and manageable goals are in place.

We do not demand perfection, but instead work with our partners, assisting them to publicly pledge and demonstrate their commitments, and then meet them.

Once vetted and a public pledge is made, a company is awarded the Pride 365 Certification. Through our family of influencers “Champions of Pride 365” we spread our message of inclusion far and wide.