Re-establishing trust between the LGBT+ community and the business world.

In society no one wants to be excluded or made to feel unwelcome because of who they are. Likewise Pride 365 believe that an environment of tolerance is not enough; who wants to feel tolerated? We believe in full acceptance and embracing a total view of inclusivity. Our partners are true exemplars of this belief. They walk the talk and demonstrate it, every day. We at Pride 365 provide a platform for you to demonstrate this commitment and establish trust with millions of consumers.

Stand Up To Pinkwashing

Our concern, and that of the community that we help represent, is that although using Pride as a mechanism by which to spread a message of support is good it can also be deemed shallow. Pinkwashing means that a company or organization's support is only as deep as the rainbow paint that covers their merchandise or their logo. Or only as long lived as when Pride Season opens to when the last marcher is done walking. It is a cynical attempt to cash in on the LGBT+ community, one that is perceived as one with a generally high disposable income.

We have seen the rainbow flag slapped on almost everything commercial you could possibly imagine, tastefully done or eye rollingly not. Being Interpride vetted and being awarded the Pride 365 Seal of Approval means you are a trusted organisation or business that stands up to pinkwashing and commits to transparent support of the LGBT+ community all year round.

Pride 365 Certified means 3 things

Excellence and relevance of product. And quality of customer care.
Mindfulness and sensitivity of it’s communication policy and community outreach to the LGBT+ community.
Embracing of a corporate mission of inclusivity and commitment to incremental improvement year on year.