Adam Roberts

Adam co-leads the Allianz Pride Employee Network at Allianz Insurance; a role he undertakes in addition to his day job.  With over 25 years’ experience in the insurance industry, Adam is able to channel his passion for diversity and inclusion and LGBTQ+ rights through his work as a Pride Employee Network Lead.  This manifests in a variety of ways, from organising both virtual and physical events (such as Pride Month at Allianz), to writing blogs and is also involved in policy change.  Adam is also a LGBTQ+ mental health advocate.

Adam works tirelessly to promote awareness and embed an inclusive culture where everyone can bring their ‘whole selves to work’, not just within Allianz globally but also throughout the wider insurance industry.

Adam seeks opportunities to collaborate with other Allianz employee networks which focus on a diverse range of subjects from mental health, to race and ethnicity and working parents.  This collaboration enables a wide platform of support channels and services for employees who are facing different and individual circumstances.  Adam is proud to organise events for Allianz employees, and external networks, to raise awareness on LGBTQ+ topics.

Recently Adam was awarded ‘Allianz Spokesperson of the Year’ in recognition of his enthusiasm and actions in supporting the LGBTQ+ community.  

Adam is proud to lead a Pride employee network for a global insurer in promoting diversity and inclusion and further, in his capacity as champion of Pride 365.