Aris Reyes

Aris Reyes is a second-generation Mexican-American transman from Los Angeles, CA. He has six years of experience working with nonprofit organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, Latino Equality Alliance, Building Healthy Communities, Bill of Rights Institute, and Wonder Women Tech. He also served on the Los Angeles Mayor’s Youth Council where he focused on policy work for pedestrian safety. Aris continued his advocacy work by participating in LAUSD board meetings where he worked towards unanimously passing the “Increasing Supports for LGBTQ+ Students, Their Families and Schools” resolution that recognized October as LGBTQ+ History Month and conducted an analysis for single-gender restrooms for all LAUSD schools. His dedication to fighting for trans rights by ensuring access and resources has led him to found and become the Executive Director of American Trans Resource Hub, a nonprofit organization that provides peer support services for trans people by trans people.