James Jensen-Grace

James is the CEO + Founder of Branding4Pride, an LGBTQ+ Digital Media Marketing Agency that exclusively works with the LGBTQ+ community. He aims to spread their message further, to create community, inspire, impact, and celebrate pride all year long.

As a trans-owned business owner, James has felt his passion come alive through bringing innovation and creativity with the focus around our community’s internal growth. As a consultant and mentor, James has been able to assist in the development and financial growth of organizations and businesses in our community, so they can further their impact. 

For James, being a Pride 365 Champion means his commitment to the past, present, and future is a lifelong commitment and journey. As James continues to lead with creativity, inclusivity, and uplifting messaging, he commits to the continued development and financial growth within our community, so we can continue the impact we have in this world.