Jeffrey Rohrer

Jeffrey Rohrer is known for becoming the 1 st ever current or former member of the US National Football League to be in a same sex marriage with his partner Joshua Rohrer.

Jeff played 7 years for the Dallas Cowboys as a linebacker. This headline garnered global press going viral and getting over a billon impressions worldwide with articles in publications such as The New York Times and People Magazine and on Broadcasts such as CNN, ABC, and the BBC.

The son of a Lifeguard Chief and School Superintendent, Jeff grew up in a small California beach town, Manhattan Beach where family meant everything.

From Manhattan Beach Jeff attended Yale University in New Haven Connecticut. After his career with The Dallas Cowboys Jeff became a well-respected global line producer in the TV Commercial Business winning multiple Cannes Lions and producing 3 Top 10 Superbowl Commercials…certainly a record for a Ex-NFL player that will never be broken.

I am honored and proud to become a Champion of Pride 365, an organization focused on change and that that love always wins. Love has no borders and is the universal language of societal growth as the world gets smaller each and every day. We are all better together and intelligent thoughtful communication builds bridges not walls. Pride 365 is uniquely positioned to support a global platform of large scale visionary movement promoting mutual respect amongst peoples. The LGBTQ+ community has a unique opportunity at this one time in history to make edificial societal change if we all do this together.

Jeff Rohrer

In his free time Jeff paints portraits, writes music and enjoys a good round of golf now and then. Jeff has 2 children Isabella and Dondillon and an amazing, cherished Ex Wife Heather.