Julian Sanjivan

Julian (They/Them) is originally from Malaysia and left for New York City in August 2012 to be part of a fellowship funded by the US Department of State. Upon completion of the program, they applied for asylum due to their life-threatening experience with a group of police officers in Malaysia due to their sexual orientation

Before arriving in the United States, they were the Human Resources Director at PT Foundation, one of the largest non-profit organizations in Malaysia focusing on HIV awareness, education, care, and support for most-at-risk populations, including men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers, transgender individuals and injecting drug users. Besides managing an organization of over 70 employees and 700 volunteers, they advocated for issues affecting the marginalized communities that PT Foundation worked very closely with. In 2013, they became the Director of Strategy & Communications at the Refugee & Immigrant Fund (RIF), an organization that provides support services for asylum seekers in New York City.

They are also a former Executive Board Member with Heritage of Pride as the NYC Pride March Director heading the annual Pride March in NYC. They were responsible for all aspects of one of the biggest Pride events in the world, including the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and the 2019 WorldPride held in New York City. Julian was also one of the producers for the 2019 NYC Dance Parade and the former Director of Visitor Services at the LGBT Community Center in NYC.

They are currently one of the Co-Presidents for InterPride, representing the nonbinary community, presiding over the Strategic Planning Committee. Additionally, they are on the advisory board of AsylumConnect, a tech nonprofit providing the first and only resource website and mobile app for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers. An avid globetrotting news junkie, Julian is extremely passionate about the movements for LGBTQ+ and immigrant communities’ civil rights.

I’m happy to join Pride 365 as Corporations should not be looking to support the LGBTQI+ community only during Pride month. It is important for them to be continuously supporting the community throughout the year. Let’s have a conversation on how we can make this happen. A mutually beneficial partnership is needed to help each other grow and ensure a more inclusive space for everybody.