Maxine Heron

Maxine Heron has long been recognised for her multifaceted career that revolves around beauty, fashion and championing the rights of the trans community.  Since publicly sharing her journey as a trans woman in 2018, she has utilised her platform to shed light on the challenges faced by the trans community and advocate for inclusivity and acceptance.

With an impressive portfolio boasting global campaigns for renowned brands including Schwarzkopf ProfessionalAvon and Panasonic, Maxine has consistently used her influence to drive positive change. Her dedication to purpose-driven collaborations and her focus on promoting inclusivity and representation in the fashion and beauty sectors have earned her widespread acclaim.

In addition to her successful career in the fashion and beauty industry, Maxine is renowned for her tireless efforts in normalising discussions around supporting trans youth and consulting with employers to ensure workplaces are inclusive and supportive of the trans community’s needs.  As a Pride365 Champion, Maxine will continue her advocacy work and serve as an inspiration to others, driving positive change and promoting a greater understanding and acceptance of the trans community