Michael Johnson-Ellis

Michael Johnson-Ellis has been a UK Surrogacy and Fertility Treatment advocate since 2015, when he and his husband (Wes) embarked on their first journey with their daughter (Talulah) who was born in 2016, and their son Duke in August 2019. Since having Talulah, Michael and Wes have set up TwoDads.U.K (and www.twodaddies.co.uk) which essentially was a light hearted way to raise more awareness about Surrogacy and Same Sex Parenting via Facebook and Instagram, which has a following now of over 40k. The blog and Podcast has now become widely recognised and followed by other intended parents. Michael also speaks publicly to healthcare professionals at The Royal College of Nursing, the NHS, HSBC, Fertility Fest and various Fertility Show’s in the UK and abroad (promoting UK Surrogacy and treatment) as well the various brand collaboration opportunities in the media that his family has featured with brands such as Audi, Vodafone, Save The Children and Sainsburys.

Michael has recently developed the services for TwoDads and now works with a number of Fertility Clinics supporting them and their patients, as well as other and Fertility related organisations and even NHS Trusts when looking to create or improve their internal policies to avoid discrimination. Michael now also writes regularly for IVF Babble (the worlds largest Fertility online Magazine), Your Baby Club UK and a number of other specialist parenting publications.

His latest business venture is The Modern Family Show which is the only LGBTQ Family Building event (scheduled each year) and addresses all types of family creation options with an emphasis on Education.