Mike Findlay

Mike is an experienced Head of Communications, freelance writer and life coach specialising in supporting LGBTQ+ clients based in Scotland. He is a strong mental health advocate, and an equalities champion from an LGBTQ+ perspective.His passion is in communicating and writing about the issues that matter today, including LGBT+ rights, hate crime and self-development.

Through his coaching, Mike is playing a contribution to improving the mental health of LGBTQ+ people.As a third sector leader, Mike has worked across a number of organisations in both London and Scotland, helping them to substantially increase their public and media profiles. He is also the Chair of the Arkbound Foundation, a UK-based charity committed to breaking down barriers into book publishing, who are currently creating an anthology of LGBT+ stories from emerging writers.

Mike is keen to help spread the word about the mission of Pride 365, and believes that all organisations need to stand up and do more to support their LGBTQ+ colleagues by being truly inclusive.