Ricardo Grilo

Ricardo Grilo is an expert marketing strategist, storyteller, consultant, and social marketing advocate, specialising in the high-end, rebel, and cybersecurity industries.

When asked about brand willingness to address and be vocal about social matters with polarising attitudes, Ricardo answers that brands should act when they have something to say and can influence change without harming communities.

Make it happen before telling, and thinking about story action before storytelling, covers his background in engaging stories and international marketing experience.

Engaging with social matters and joining the LGBT+ conversation is a never-ending story that deserves authenticity and commitment.

Pride 365 is essential to help brands and the private sector stand up against homophobia and transphobia, advocate for human rights, contribute to eliminating discrimination, pursue change, and act in the public and political sphere, being genuine and representing something real. Maybe, who knows, becoming vehicles of allyship, advocacy, and activism.

Jack Mizel is helping brands understand what long-term commitments look like and boosting their pursuit for legitimacy and honesty to the liberation and party spirits of experiencing and living Pride. Pride 365 is at the heart of successful new brand-consumer-citizen relationships.