Sade Giliberti

The wearer of many bold hats, Sade is a London based SAFTA award-winning TV Presenter, Actress, and Media Personality, originally from South Africa, who also works as a creative content creator, director as well as behind the camera in production. Sade is an exceptionally eloquent speaker and strong voice for the unheard. A biracial (Italian/Zulu), she’s a proud L in LGBTQ+, a spiritual ninja, an Ambassador for SADAG, and #TOGETHERBAND, believing self-love and acceptance is a key component on the path of health and wellbeing. She firmly believes in the continued struggle for equality and representation for all LGBTQ+ humans, and ethnic minorities. Nominated for the Feather Awards Role Model Of The Year in 2020, Sade is known as a bubbly energetic straight talker, who also tells it like it is in her videos, spreading awareness, love, and unity. By being a Pride 365 Champion, I hope to continue conversations about inclusivity and diversity within organizations and the true importance of allieship.