Yvo Manuel Vas Dias

Yvo Manuel Vas Dias is a trans man, Buddhist, with a Jewish-Portuguese background, from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Over the years Yvo has collaborated with a large number of foreign LGBTQI+ organizations, giving workshops, lectures, and advice related to LGBTQI+ issues.

In 2014-2015 Yvo became the founder and chairman of

TransAmsterdam, a transgender organization for art, culture, and lifestyle. The aim of the organization is to offer trans people and trans artists an art stage for their creative outlet. TransAmsterdam also organizes a “Trans and Friends cafe InClusion”.

Yvo was also the chairman of the “Amsterdam TransPride” from 2014 till 2018.

In 2015 – 2016 he was part of a wonderful photobook project called “All the People” by the photographer Bernd Ott and the writer Emily Basa Besa.

Yvo was nominated in 2016 for the “Amsterdam of the Year”, an award that aims to promote Amsterdammers with great contribution and commitment in their city.

In 2017 Yvo had the privilege to work together with Amy K. Levin and be part of her book “Museums, Sexuality, and Gender Activism”.

Yvo was part of another great Dutch book, in 2018, about elderly trans people, written by Eveline van de Putte with the name “Nieuwe Namen Levensverhalen van Transgender Ouderen/New Names Stories of Elderly Trans people.

As a token of appreciation for his commitment to combating inequality and connecting Amsterdam citizens, the Amsterdam police and Pink in Blue (network for LGBTQ+ police) gave him in 2017 a certificate for his work for the trans community in Amsterdam.

On behalf of TransAmsterdam, he paid in 2017 a working visit to San Francisco for an LGBT exchange program with the municipality of Amsterdam.

In 2018 he was appointed Amsterdam Hero for his work for TransAmsterdam by the Network Amsterdam Hero.

In 2019 Yvo set up with his team of TransAmsterdam a “Trans Art School” which offers various artistic workshops for trans individuals.

In 2020 Yvo had the honor to become the ambassador of the “Sahodari Foundation” to build a bridge between Amsterdams’ and Indias’ trans community.