Zander Murray

In September 2022, Zander Murray became the first Scottish professional footballer to come out as gay and is one of the few actively playing footballers in the world. The ex Motherwell, Airdrie and now Bonnyrigg Rose striker has scored 100 plus goals and holds the club record for number of goals scored in one season. Since coming out Zander has shared his story on many TV shows including Lorraine, and Good Morning Britain and Rylan’s documentary on TNT Sports.

Zander is also a proud ambassador for LGBT+ & made history in forming a partnership with SFA to challenge homophobia through workshops in Football Clubs. Zander is a motivational speaker, and he speaks worldwide to corporate organisations & large events including LinkedIn, Morgan Stanley, Aviva and the Hong Kong Gay Games to share his story and promote positive movement in the LGBT+ community.

Zander has won several awards since coming out, including the Unicorn of The Year award from charity ‘Somewhere: For Us’ and The Proud Scotland Award in the Sport category. In 2023 he was named by Attitude Magazine & Pink News as one of the LGBT+ trailblazers changing the world, and his football shirt that he scored his 100th goal wearing was placed in the Scottish Football Museum.

Also in 2023 Zander’s documentary with the BBC launched entitled “Out On The Pitch” where he spoke about his own coming out story. He also interviewed many contributors to look at what is being done to tackle homophobia in Football. Zander has also collaborated with JOE Media, LADbible and Specsavers and keen to do more Brand Activation work in front of the camera.