British Transport Police
Sector: Police

The British Transport Police is the specialist and dedicated police force for Britain’s railways. It provides a service to all passenger and freight operators, their staff and customers across England, Scotland and Wales; policing the London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, the Midland Metro tram system, Croydon Tramlink, Sunderland Metro and Glasgow Subway.. Our mission is to help the millions of people who use the railways of England, Wales and Scotland get home safely and on time.

Why signing up to Pride 365 is important to us?

At British Transport Police, we take our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion seriously.

We want to make sure that our workplace is as inclusive as it can be, and that everything that we do helps our people to feel safer, happier and more productive at work. We know that this makes us a better employer and also helps us to attract, recruit and retain a diverse workforce. We also know that having a diverse workforce is good for business and helps us to provide the very best service for all our service users; whether they work or travel on the railway network.

We want everyone who works or volunteers for us to be actively involved in making sure that we are a fair, ethical and inclusive employer where people feel able to bring their whole selves to work. Everyone at BTP has a role to play in creating the organisation we want to be.

That’s why we’re making a pledge to Pride 365 to ensure that everyone feels welcome and valued at BTP as we work together to build a modern & inclusive place to work.

How does the Pride 365 pledge fit in with your values?

Our Values have inclusion and belonging at their very core and are critical to creating an environment where we can all be our best. They support us to achieve by guiding every decision we make and every action we take and help to reach our objective of being a Modern & Inclusive Force where our people reflect the very best of our communities.

Our values are:

  • We care
  • We are proud to protect
  • We do the right thing
  • We strive to be better every day
  • We are one BTP

Values are essential to how we work together, serve the public and engage with partners. They are the foundations of a police force that is trusted, respected and whose policing actions are felt as legitimate.  Our people have carefully considered Our Values through engagement across BTP. Our Values will enable us to evidence each day that we are: US AT OUR BEST

The Pledge 

Commitment 1

We will be public and open in support of LGBT+ inclusion 365 days a year by promoting our partnership with Pride 365. We will apply the Pride 365 designation across company websites, social media, corporate communications, and public relations activities. We will do this 365 days a year and not just during Pride season.

Commitment 2

We will support a nominated LGBT+ charity through donations to demonstrate our commitment to the community all year round.

Commitment 3

·  Partner with Pride 365 to strengthen our LGBT+ Ally Network and to implement structured activities in support of this.

·  Undertake a “Culture First” Training Programme by Pride 365.

·  Issue press releases to support the partnership with Pride 365; raise awareness for the work of nominated charities; and promote inclusivity in the workplace and society.

We pledge that these commitments will be carried out by 1st of April 2023.