ESG Corporate Community Interest Company (trading as ESG Gaming)
Sector: Education

ESG Gaming is a passionate advocate of emerging technology and is committed to working alongside the digital entertainment sectors to ensure the experience is open, inclusive and positive for all consumers and stakeholders

Why signing up to Pride 365 is important to us?

ESG Gaming is led by a prominent LBGT+, former gambling addict and social entrepreneur with a passion for equality and inclusion in the digital entertainment sector. We are keen to showcase LBGT+ workforce and volunteers and learn from other members.

How does the Pride 365 pledge fit in with your values?

We are keen to showcase LBGT+ workforce and volunteers and learn from other members.

The Pledge

Commitment 1

We will be public and open in support of LGBT+ inclusion 365 days a year by promoting our partnership with Pride 365. We will apply the Pride 365 designation across company websites, social media, corporate communications, and public relations activities. We will do this 365 days a year and not just during Pride season.

Commitment 2

We will support a nominated LGBT+ charity through donations to demonstrate our commitment to the community all year round.

Commitment 3

Issue press releases to support the partnership with Pride 365; raise awareness for the work of nominated charities; and promote inclusivity in the workplace and society.

Conduct interviews with the CEO and senior leadership detailing the importance of, and commitment to the Pledge and the partnership. “What is Pride 365 to you?

Release a CEO statement expressing commitment to inclusion and the partnership with Pride 365.

Implement and modify Polices so that they are LGBT+ aware and inclusive.

We agree to have these pledge items completed by 10/05/2024