Sector: Broadcasting | Certified In - UK

Gaydio are the UK’s biggest and original radio station for LGBTQ+ people. They Serve over 500,000 listeners across the UK each week. Originally set up as  a pop-up station around Manchester Pride, they have grown to cover 7 major cities as well as being available online to the rest of the UK, You can find our more about Gaydio –

Why we wanted to be 365 accredited

Gaydio are of course an LGBTQ+ centric business who strive in every aspect to be as welcoming and inclusive to our team, our listeners and all stakeholders as possible. We also strive to make sure that all of our commercial relationships are with brands that have genuine support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Working with Pride365 means that we can assure a solid and co-operative work place is maintained which allows us to focus on producing great content for our audience and continue to platform LGBTQ+ artists and help future generations through Gaydio Academy, our educational centre that helps develop young media talent”.

Pride 365 Pledge

We pledge to play our part in improving inclusivity in the workplace and society and be instrumental in bringing about an end to the corporate appropriation of the LGBTQ+ community (pink-washing) to help create a world of inclusion for all.
We have made the following commitments:
Commitment 1:
We will be public and open in support of LGBT+ inclusion 365 days a year by promoting our partnership with Pride 365.  We will apply the Pride 365 designation across company websites, social media, corporate communications and public relations activity. We will do this 365 days a year and not just during Pride season.
Commitment 2:
We will support a nominated LGBTQ+ initiatives such as the Gaydio Academy through donation or time/resource allocation to demonstrate our commitment to the community all year round.
Commitment 3:
Partner with Pride 365 to strengthen our LGBTQ+ Ally Network and to implementstructured activities in support of this.

Create an Ally and LGBTQ+ Network.

Undertake a programme of Pride 365 Certified “Culture First” training for Team Members.

Issue press releases to support the partnership with Pride 365; raise awareness for the work of nominated charities; and promote inclusivity in the workplace and society.

Implement and modify Policies so that they are LGBTQ+ aware and inclusive.
We pledge that these commitments will be carried out continuously as is within our own Ethos as Gaydio C.I.C.