Net Gaming
Sector: Gaming

NetGaming is an upcoming casino content provider established in 2019. The company is formed by a diverse mix of industry veterans. We operate in MGA, U.K., Belarus and Curacao jurisdictions. Our portfolio includes 27 slots and 3 table games. We crafted 2 branded slots, MTV Pimp My Ride and Shelby Online Video Slot in collaboration with the popular TV channel MTV and the American car company Carroll Shelby respectively.

Why signing up to Pride 365 is important to us?

As a start-up in the igaming industry our mission is to create visually appealing and mathematically intuitive games. We are in the entertainment business and strive to offer the best quality games possible to our customers.

The i-gaming industry is diverse and has always encouraged inclusion regardless of one’s age, race, religion, sexual orientation and other such factors. We are extremely proud to be part of this wonderful industry and would like to take an official stance that discrimination of any kind is not acceptable at any level.

At NetGaming, everyone is valued and we celebrate diversity, a validation from Pride 365 will make it official.

How does the Pride 365 pledge fit in with your values?

NetGaming is a young company with a small team. We have a very simple approach in all we do, be nice to everyone and continue delivering the best product to our customers.

We are genuine with no pretence, I feel we couldn’t be more aligned with Pride 365’s values. Getting Pride 365’s seal of approval will further strengthen our belief and confirm that we are heading in the right direction.

NetGaming has never discriminated amongst its employees and has no intention of discriminating any in the future. We believe valuable ideas are generated when there is diversity across teams and team members feel included.     

The Pledge 

We pledge to play our part in improving inclusivity in the workplace and society. We are committed to cultivating a workplace where all are welcomed and can feel comfortable and empowered to be their true selves.

We have made the following commitments:

Commitment 1

We will be public and open in support of LGBT+ inclusion 365 days a year by promoting our partnership with Pride 365.  We will apply the Pride 365 designation across company websites, social media, corporate communications, and public relations activities. We will do this 365 days a year and not just during Pride season.

Commitment 2

We will support InterPride Solidarity Fund through donation or time/resource allocation to demonstrate our commitment to the community all year round.

Commitment 3

Issue press releases to support the partnership with Pride 365; raise awareness for the work of nominated charities; and promote inclusivity in the workplace and society

Implement and modify Polices so that they are LGBT+ aware and inclusive.

We pledge that these commitments will be carried out by 30th December 2022