Sector: Healthcare

Transform Hospital Group is a leading UK independent hospital, healthcare and wellbeing provider. It is a trusted partner to public and private health organisations, delivering outstanding facilities, treatment and care across a wide range of clinical disciplines including cosmetic surgery, weight loss interventions, medical aesthetics and health and wellbeing.

With innovation, compassion and clinical excellence at its heart, Transform Hospital Group is committed to driving industry standards to ensure outstanding patient experiences.

Why signing up to Pride 365 is important to us?

As an independent healthcare and wellbeing provider, people are at the very heart of what we do. We exist to deliver treatment and care to people from all walks of life, so fostering a culture of inclusivity is important to us.

As such, we want to pledge our support to Pride 365, actively playing our part in improving inclusivity in the workplace and wider society, and being instrumental in bringing about an end to the corporate appropriation of the LGBTQ+ community to help create a world of inclusion for all.

We want to ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talking the talk’. Rather than merely paying lip service to inclusivity, we want to make it a consistent, core element in how we conduct our business as an ethical organisation.

Through our relationship with Pride 365 and being able to display that we are an accredited organisation, we hope to show the LGBTQ+ community and the wider population that we are committed to supporting every person, no matter what their personal journey has been.

Why community and being authentic is important to the brand?

Community and authenticity go hand-in-hand for Transform Hospital Group.

Not only are we an independent healthcare provider, we are also a responsible provider – meaning that authenticity across the Group is an absolute must. It’s vital that we can engender trust in the public generally, and in our patients in particular. That means that we must include every section of society in our plans across the many areas of our business.

We’re proud to be friendly, straightforward and honest in our approach to our patients and colleagues. Our goal is to create lasting relationships built on transparency and openness, allowing us to provide the mutual support and expertise which benefits our patients as we successfully see them through their own unique transformations.

The Transform Hospital Group Pledge

Transform Hospital Group pledges to play our part in improving inclusivity in the workplace and society and be instrumental in bringing about an end to the corporate appropriation of the LGBT+ community to help to create a world of inclusion for all.

We have made the following commitments:

Commitment 1

We will be public and open in support of LGBT+ inclusion 365 days a year through our partnership with Pride 365 and apply the Pride 365 designation across our company websites, social media, corporate communications and public relations activity.

Commitment 2

We will support Sparkle, the UK transgender charity, through sponsorship of its Sparkle weekend, as a demonstration our commitment to the LGBT+ community.

Commitment 3

We will carry out the following inclusion activity during 2021:

  • Release a CEO statement expressing commitment to inclusion and the partnership with Pride 365.
  • Conduct interviews with our CEO and senior leadership team detailing the importance of, and commitment to, the Pledge and the partnership.
  • Undertake an LGBT+ Ambassador Programme across our locations.
  • Issue press releases to support our partnership with Pride 365 to raise awareness of the work of nominated charities and promote inclusivity in the workplace and society.
  • We pledge to attend Pride events and demonstrate our commitment to Pride through utilisation of our website and social media channels.

We pledge that these commitments will be carried out by January 1st 2022.