Sector: Utilities/Energy

Utilita is an electricity and gas supplier, specialising in Smart Pay As You Go Energy. They are the energy company of choice for over 800,000 homes in the UK - providing a great level of service, smart meters and an award-winning app that has helped their customers save at least £500 million since 2010. Plus, they are the only energy supplier who offer a face-to- face service with their high street Energy Hubs.  With company core values that focus on fairness, respect and being supportive, to name a few, Utilita are committed to delivering an honest, nurturing and inclusive culture to both customers and staff.

Why signing up to Pride 365 is important to us?

As an energy supplier that was created with the mission to offer consumers better service and a fairer deal, people have always been at the centre of all we do, so promoting an inclusive environment for both our customers and staff is incredibly important to us.

That’s why we’re making a pledge to Pride 365 to ensure that everyone feels welcome and valued at Utilita, not just for a day, a week or month, but all year round. We will be public and open in our support for the LGBTQ+ community and hope that through our support to both Pride 365 and the Stonewall charity, that everyone will feel, and more importantly, be equal at Utilita 365 days a year.

How does the Pride 365 pledge fit in with Utilita’s core values?

We feel that our core values align perfectly with our goal to improve inclusivity in the workplace at Utilita and, just like our values, we will demonstrate our commitment to our pledge daily.

Not only do we live by our core company values of fairness, respect and being supportive, but we also have a focus on boldness – meaning that we’ve never been afraid to go against the grain. It is vital to us that we always challenge anything we don’t agree with, in order to create a better environment for our customers, staff, and wider society.

The Utilita Pledge

Commitment 1

Through our partnership with Pride 365 – we will be public and open in support of LGBTQ+ inclusion 365 days a year.

Commitment 2

As a demonstration of our commitment to the LGBT+ community – we would love to support our chosen charity Stonewall.

Commitment 3

We will carry out the following inclusion activities:

  • To work with our nominated charity, Stonewall – to help raise awareness and structured activities within the company.
  • To continue to promote Pride365 inclusivity within the workplace and as a brand to our customer base through our website and social media channels.

We pledge that these commitments will be carried out by December 31st 2022.