The Pledge

At Pride 365 we acknowledge that companies are at different stages in their inclusion journey.

There may also be different levels of maturity across their geographic territories. As such, the Pledges made by each organization may differ, but are nonetheless agreed upon between each participating company and Pride 365.

Each participating company is asked to make an overarching Pledge. This is a
qualification requirement for Pride 365 Certification and is indicative of an organisation
that is truly committed to doing the right thing.

The Pledge

We pledge to play our part and be instrumental in bringing about an end to the corporate appropriation of the LGBT+ community (pink-washing) and helping to incrementally create a world of inclusion for all.

Signing the Pledge and publicly committing is a key step in being awarded the Pride 365

Thereafter, we can agree additional company specific goals and commitments to boost
progress along the inclusion journey.