Pride 365 Authentic Companies

Pride 365 chose their name because they believe Pride is more than just a season. Everyone should feel Pride, embrace Pride and be Proud of who you are every day of the year. Likewise, the traditionally recognised “Pride Season” happens over only a few months then dissipates, yet the LGBT+ community does not. What is Pride season anyway? When did other cities hosting marches become the limited time frame for companies to jump on the bandwagon, with an open season for selling rainbow covered merch?

Pride 365 believes that what people say is what people should do. If a company says that they care about the community or they believe in creating a society and workplace based on fairness and meritocracy, then that is exactly what they should do. These efforts should not be super charged only during a window when there is the most scrutiny or public exposure, they should be doing so because of a genuine desire to make the world a better and fairer place.

Of course there are commercial implications and Pride 365 are not against them. After all, businesses who do the right things should be rewarded for doing so. The difference is Pride 365 does not believe in virtue signalling (or pinkwashing) for the sake of it, but rather a company that will act the way their PR would lead you to believe.

Pride 365 are going to put an end to pinkwashing and, when done,  businesses who demonstrate solidarity with the LGBT+ community are doing so not to blend in but because they are authentic and real.

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